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Parents, Carers & Children  

Better outcomes for children happen when parents and carers re given the time and space to understand themselves better. It is only after exploring their own life experiences and taking care of themselves can they be fully present with their child/ren.  

With 20 yrs + experience in supporting parents and children I totally believe that everything is about  relationship!  This relationship is one we all have at some point. Before you became a parent or carer, you were also a child; our early experiences shape us and sometimes these adapted or learnt behaviours can leave us feeling disconnected from ourselves and unable to navigate daily life.  

I believe every parent and carer wants to be the best parent they can be but often find themselves juggling many or difficult situations and worried for themselves and their children.   


I work to support the parent first;  learning skills to understand and reparent themselves creates a great opportunity for positive change. As parents feel more connected to themselves,  this helps them to be more connected to the child/ren and often this reconnection is enough to resolve most of the concerns and ease the situation. 


I have experience supporting parents with children of all ages and helping parents to understand and manage concerns around mental health challenges their child may have. 


However, there doesn't have to be anything  wrong to access these sessions as a deeper understanding of yourself as a person and as a parent will always benefit you in all areas of your life. 

How you can access the Safe Base Therapeutic Programme:

  • The full programme of group sessions and 1-1 support can be accessed privately when available. Includes 9 hrs of  workshop/group sessions and 3 x 1 hr personal sessions. 

  •  Schools / organisations can commission the programme.  Includes 9 hrs of workshop/group sessions tailored  to suit the client group and 3 x 1 hr personal sessions per person.


  • Private mentoring one to one sessions can be accessed by individuals.  See Personal Support  1 -1 mentoring below. 


  • Private access to stand alone workshop/group sessions  when available. 

Like and follow  Lynne Jones - Therapeutic Mentoring for more information about workshops/groups.  Or contact me to chat about how I can help you! 


All group and one to one sessions can be run online or face to face. 

Prices will vary according to needs. 

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Workshops & Groups

Individual workshops teaching life skills and strategies to help navigate what life throws at you!

These will be advertised as and when they are available to book on and will be community based as well as on line. 

If you run a group and want to offer something specific to your group - contact me to chat. 


The Safe Base Programme consists of 3 x workshop/group sessions and one to one mentoring sessions - the perfect combination for improving wellbeing. 

Cost will vary 


Personal Mentoring
1-1 Support
Just a one - or more! 

Perfect if you want time to chat things through. This can be face to face on line or a phone call.  


  • Informal support which help to raise awareness of yourself and your situation, this might be all that's needed.

  • If you want to carry on, I can help you face and release any emotional blocks, teach strategies and techniques which give a sense of inner strength and improved self-belief. 

  • I offer ongoing and between session support via social media and text so that we can walk your journey together and you can touch base whenever you need to.

*This service is available for children, teens and adults and will be adapted to the individual need.  Please contact me to chat about your situation.



Mental health and wellbeing is so much more that what is going on in someone's head.  This approach delivers an opportunity to explore personal story's and make changes to core beliefs and the adapted self to create lasting changes.


This can be bespoke for your team and can include 1-1 sessions and ongoing support. 


If you want to know how this could work for you please get in touch.  


With 20+ years of experience around designing and running project activities to meet outcomes, coupled with understanding around engagement I can assist you to create projects that deliver.

Previous experiences in

  • Adult education including engagement course design and assessment.

  • Parents and families programmes engagement and support.

  • Community Focused Schools  creating and delivering activities.  

  • Genesis project (Childcare) 

  • Community based charities and funded projects engaging a client group to overcome barriers to learning/ work/life. 

Get in touch to chat if you think I could help you. 

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