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Everyone needs a Safe Base! - 5 ways this programme creates motivation for a new start!

This programme has been created from my own personal experiences of needing help and support at a difficult time, but not actually getting what I needed. There seemed to be a lot of 'assessment' and pointing out the problems (which were already obvious and really not helpful!); and not a lot of practical help or understanding around my situation.

This programme is combination of all the things I learnt that made a positive difference to my life, its where I began to unpick the experience of being human that was definitely not working for me at the time!

I have created a programme that includes group work (to deliver core information) and one to one mentoring (to help integrate and benefit from the core information on a personal level)

5 Ways this trauma informed programme helps

1. Increased self awareness helps people acknowledge who they are as an individual - this allows personal identity to emerge, or re emerge and reconnect and gives a sense of purpose.
2. Understanding how the past can affect us - this takes away the shame people feel around their situations and can allow for healing emotional blocks.
3. Understanding around what human children need to thrive - this allows for skills to be learnt around re parenting ourself as an adult and also raises awareness around parenting children.
4. Experiencing a safe place to explore personal blocks and issues - Unblocking emotions and facing fears promotes healing, personal growth and purpose in the world.
5. Experiencing authentic support focused on their needs - Gives time to experience a secure relationship and build secure relationships with others in the group.

The programme can be provided anywhere there is potential for a group of people to engage. It is aimed to help people begin a personal journey of seeing themselves as an individual and accepting personal responsibility and brings hope and motivation to those attending.

Its suitable for:

  • Parents / carer groups and empowers changes in family settings by helping parents reconnect with themselves, and their children and encourages connective parenting.

  • Community based programmes of engagement, helping individuals overcome personal barriers to education, work or generally accessing the support they need.

  • Workplace helping with work life balance and feelings of inadequacy, stress and guilt which stem from core beliefs and nervous system responses.

What people say about their experience

"I feel so much better in myself and happier and I haven't felt like this for a long time. Its like a weight has been lifted and I don't know what it is but I feel good"
"Thank you for today, I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Today is my new start, not for anyone but for me and I'm going to take back control of my life. I cant believe how much difference a few hours of your time has made to my life"

Want to know more?

- Just send me a message via text 07855853543 or email to let me know your needs and we can arrange to chat about what will work for you!

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