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From Confusion to Clarity: Being Human and how Therapeutic Mentoring can help

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Ever found yourself wondering what you should be doing in your life? Knowing it should be something but not even knowing where to start? Overwhelmed by even the thought of getting through the day or lacking motivation or purpose to get things done? Repeating pattens that don't help you. Or simply feeling confused feeling like life is changing around you and you are stood still and there must be more to it than this!

a signpost for help when lost,disoriented,perplexed and confused
When you don't know were to turn

You’re definitely not on your own!

Unfortunately, life does not come with a manual!

There is no step-by-step guide to getting things right to offset the anxiety that comes come with the uncertainty of everyday events and the stresses of how many things we have to juggle!

An open book
We need to write our own manual

‘Languishing’ is a word I have recently seen used to describe a sense of stagnation and emptiness. A sense of just muddling through your days looking at your life through a misty window. This isn’t classed as a mental health concern, but a lot of people come to me feeling like this. Some people who have been feeling this way for a long time find the feeling has developed into something more.

Life can become overwhelming because of a number of reasons and even when there seems to be no life crisis, we can find ourselves consumed by a sense of loss, unsure of our direction or purpose and feeling flat and lost in a void between depression and flourishing.

As human beings we share a common pathway

We all have to learn to negotiate life in order to survive; so, it makes sense to learn from others who have already lived the experience. Therapeutic Mentoring is an opportunity to jump right in and benefit from all the learning that has gone before us!

feet walking a path
As human beings we walk the same path

What is Therapeutic Mentoring?

It is a way of getting practical help and advice to deal with overwhelm or arising feelings;

But it doesn’t stop there, it also helps you gain insight to help identify the root of the situation. This means you build new skills, perspectives, and techniques to manage life differently in the future,

It realises that it takes time to make changes and is focused on providing ongoing support and guidance to help people achieve their goals,

It is a sharing of the human experience of life to create understanding and acceptance and develop personalised strategies for living a more fulfilled life,

It helps people build social networks for support.

Having a sense of community is an important part of life and can boost self esteem and give purpose to life,

It is focused on actively supporting people as they develop their personal growth and emotional and practical development.

Who is it suitable for?

The approach is a combination of Psychology, Neuroscience and Neurolinguistic programming and spirituality (how we connect to the world and find purpose in life); and it acknowledges the benefits of a holistic approach to personal growth.

It is supported by a gentle, trauma informed approach which focuses on individual strengths, building self-compassion and releasing emotional blocks and attachments to the past, to help the future look brighter.

It is suitable for everyone, any age who wants to make more sense of their self and their world.

Using curious enquiry to gently explore past events or future concerns I can help you to make sense of your thoughts and behaviours about your current situation, identify unhelpful core beliefs or emotional blocks that can change how you feel about yourself and you life and help you identify ways to move from the confusion into clarity.

Want to see if it can help you, or someone you know? or just want to find out more? Get in touch!

Text or call: 07855853543

Email: Lynne@LynneJones.Org

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